Yacht Router Micro is designed for installation on smaller vessels. It will transmit single Vessel WIFI network that you can connect to mobile network (4G/3G/2G) or your choice. With dual SIM card slot, you can use two SIM cards from same or different mobile provider. For distant offshore connectivity (30+ NM) installation of optional high gain outdoor antennas is suggested.

Price from: 435.00 €

Dual SIM

Dual 4G Antena

Integrated GPS


Small but powerful.

• High power 2G/3G/4G module (30+ Nautical miles).
• Optional WIFI Booster for long distance WIFI connection (10+ NM).
• 1x Vessel WIFI network.
• 1x Backbone or Vessel Network LAN port.
• Network Extender support.

• Online Remote support.
• Free Remote Tracking and Anchor alarm
• Wide range DC power input (10-30 V)
• Compatible with Furuno, Simrad, Lowrance, B&G, Garmin, Maretron, Sonos, Apple Airplay and other IP based systems

Mobile and shore WIFI

Stay connected offshore.

By default you can connect Yacht Router Micro to 2G, 3G or 4G mobile network of your choice. Yacht Router is available in two versions, for Europe/Africa/Asia/Oceania and USA/Canada mobile network frequencies. If you add WIFI Booster, you can also connect to distant shore WIFI networks.

Long range WIFI

Use WIFI on your favourite anchorage.

As an option to Yacht Router Micro you can add powerful WIFI Booster for long-range WIFI connection to shore WIFI networks (e.g. marina hotspot). WIFI Booster is waterproof Power-Over-Ethernet device that you can install directly on a mast or radar arch. As you can attach WIFI antenna directly to the WIFI Booster there is no coax cable signal loss. With optional high gain outdoor antenna, you can expect up to 10 NM connection, even more in good conditions.

User friendly control

Simple for everyone.

The most important part of Yacht Router solution is Control software. It is available for Windows, iPad, iPhone. Dedicated application is designed by professionals specialized in yacht communication systems in collaboration with yacht captains. The result is a system that is very s