WIFI Extender
is a device that will help you to extend Client-to-Vessel WIFI coverage on larger boats or yachts. It is connected to Yacht Router via single PoE (Power over Ethernet) cable for simultaneous power and data transfer. Each WIFI Expander is equipped with four additional LAN ports so you can easily connect more WIFI Extenders or other devices.


• high power Client-to-Vessel WIFI module.
• integrated Client-to-Vessel WIFI network antenna.
• 4x GbE LAN port (for WIFI Extender, LAN Expanders or other devices).
• flexible assigning of LAN ports to vessel WIFI networks.
• powered directly from Yacht Router unit via PoE cable.
• multiple PoE injector power outputs.
• PoE Backbone port.
• wide range DC power input (10-30 V).
• fire retardant ABS enclosure.

Detailed Specifications

Ethernet WAN ports: not available
Ethernet LAN ports: 1-4 (customizable)
Backbone LAN ports: 1-5 (customizable, port 1 is PoE Backbone)
Dedicated Mobile Expander Pro port: not available
Max. data rate on WAN/LAN/Backbone (per port): 1 Gbps
WIFI Extender support: yes
Max. number of supported WIFI Extenders: unlimited
Mobile Expander support: yes
LAN Expander support: yes
Touch Screen Controller support: yes
PoE injector power outputs: 4
Max. number of networks: depends on connected Yacht Router
Supported standards: b/g/n
Max. data rates (Mbps): 108
Max. transmit power (dBm): 30
Max. transmit power (mW): 1000
Sensitivity of included antenna (dB): 2.5 (integrated)
Antenna connector type (on device): not available
Not available.

DC power supply input range (V): 10-30
AC power supply input range (V): not available
Automatic switching AC-DC power controller: not available
Regulated DC power outputs: not available
Max. power consumption at 12 V (W, without WIFI Extenders): 7
Operating temperature range (°C): -10 to +60
Operating humidity range (%, non-condensing): 5-95
Enclosure material: ABS
Enclosure mount type: wall
IP Protection: IP50
Dimension (mm, WxDxH, without antennas): 177 x 160 x 60

Hotspot: depends on connected Yacht Router
Hotspot supported on Client-to-Vessel WIFI networks: depends on connected Yacht Router
WAN Auto-switching: not available
Online Remote Support: yes
Selectable WAN source for each vessel network: not available
Detailed usage statistics: yes
Flexible assigning of LAN ports to vessel WIFI networks: yes
Customizable WIFI power output: yes
Mobile Network Bonding: not available

Available remote user accounts: not available
Number of reachable on-board devices: not available




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