When you need WIFI connection over long distances WIFI Booster is device you need. It is add-on module that you can connect to any Yacht Router model. WIFI Booster is waterproof Power-Over-Ethernet device that you can install directly on a mast or radar arch. With optional high gain outdoor antenna, you can expect up to 10 NM connection, even more in good conditions.

Price: 294 € (Price does not include VAT)

Detailed Specifications

Ethernet Backbone ports: 1
Max. data rate on Backbone port: 1 Gbps

Supported standard: 2.4 GHz (b/g/n), 5 GHz (a/n/ac)
Max. WIFI data rates on 2.4 GHz: 120 Mbps
Max. WIFI data rates on 5 GHz: 433 Mbps
Max. WIFI transmit power on 2.4 GHz: 32/1600 dBm/mW
Max. WIFI transmit power on 5 GHz: 32/1600 dBm/mW
Sensitivity of integrated antenna (2.4/5 GHz): 6/8 dB

PoE in: 8-30 V
Max. power consumption: 11 W
Operating temperature range for internal unit: -40 to +70 °C
Operating humidity range: 5-95 % non-condensing
IP Protection: IP66
Dimension (WxDxH, without antennas): 215 x 60 x 38 mm

WIFI Booster: WB-S06



Installation Manual


Hardware installation

294 €
Price does not include VAT