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Yacht Router Mini is designed for installation on mid-size vessels with single satellite Internet source (VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium etc). It will provide the ability to establish two Vessel Networks (e.g. Owner, Guests) as WIFI and cable version. Each Vessel Network can be simultaneously connected to same or different Internet source. For example: you can connect Owner network to the Internet via VSAT (using additional satellite equipment), while in the same time Guest network can access Internet over 4G mobile system or to WIFI Hotspot in marina (via additional WIFI Booster module). For larger vessels where single WIFI access point is not enough to cover all vessel areas, multiple Network Extender modules could be installed. With dual SIM card slot on Yacht Router Mini you can use two SIM cards from same or different mobile provider. For distant offshore connectivity (30+ NM) installation of optional high gain outdoor antennas is suggested.