Mobile Expander Pro
is a device that will expand Yacht Router Pro 4G Booster with three additional mobile network modems. If you want to avoid constant mobile SIM card changing while cruising in different areas this is the best solution for you. Moreover, it can be ordered in combination of modems dedicated to different mobile network bands to get worldwide coverage. Mobile Expander Pro is equipped with Mobile Network Bonding feature that will significantly increase upload and download data rate.


• 3x High power 4G/3G/2G module (30+ Nautical miles)
• Mobile Networks Bonding feature for bandwidth expansion
• Can be ordered in combination of modems dedicated to different mobile network bands to get worldwide coverage
• 19” 1U rack enclosure
• Powered directly from Yacht Router Pro

Mobile Network Bonding

Features and examples:

1. Combined bandwidth of multiple SIM cards from same or different Mobile Providers.
2. Combined bandwidth for Owner Vessel Network (SIM 1 + SIM 2 + SIM 3) while in the same time dedicating one SIM card (e.g. SIM 3) for Crew Vessel Network.
3. Combined bandwidth while enabling or preventing Roaming of SIM cards.
4. Combined bandwidth while respecting HTTPS connection enabling seamless work for with e-banking, VPN and other security delicate connections.

Detailed Specifications

Ethernet WAN ports: not available
Ethernet LAN ports: not available
Backbone LAN ports: 1
Dedicated Mobile Expander Pro port: yes
Max. data rate on WAN/LAN/Backbone (per port): 1 Gbps
WIFI Extender support: no
Max. number of supported WIFI Extenders: not available
Mobile Expander support: no
LAN Expander support: no
Touch Screen Controller support: no
PoE injector power outputs: not available
Not available.
Integrated modems: 3
Europe/Africa/Asia/Oceania modem:
LTE freq. (MHz): 800 (B20), 900 (B8), 1800 (B3), 2100 (B1), 2600 (B7)
WCDMA freq. (MHz): 900 (B8), 2100 (B1)
GSM/GPRS/EDGE  freq. (MHz): 900, 1800, 1900
Americas modem:
LTE freq. (MHz): 700 (B17), AWS (B4), 2100 (B1)
WCDMA freq. (MHz): 800 (B6), 850 (B5), 1900 (B2), 2100 (B1)
GSM/GPRS/EDGE  freq. (MHz): 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Max. download rates (Mbps): 100
Max. upload rates (Mbps): 50
Max. transmit power in LTE/4G (dBm): 24
Max. transmit power LTE/4G (mW): 250
Max. transmit power in WCDMA (dBm): 24
Max. transmit power WCDMA (mW): 250
Max. transmit power in GSM/GPRS/EDGE (dBm): 33
Max. transmit power GSM/GPRS/EDGE (mW): 2000
SIM card slots: 3
SIM card size: standard GSM (ID-000)
Sensitivity of included antenna (dB): 2
Antenna connector type (on device): N-type female

DC power supply input range (V): 10-30
AC power supply input range (V): not available
Automatic switching AC-DC power controller: yes (via Yacht Router Pro)
Regulated DC power outputs: 1
Max. power consumption at 12 V (W, without WIFI Extenders): 20
Operating temperature range (°C): -10 to +60
Operating humidity range (%, non-condensing): 5-95
Enclosure material: steel
Enclosure mount type: 19” rack
IP Protection: IP40
Dimension (mm, WxDxH, without antennas): 483 x 328 x 45

Hotspot: not available
Hotspot supported on Client-to-Vessel WIFI networks: not available
WAN Auto-switching: not available
Online Remote Support: yes
Selectable WAN source for each vessel network: not available
Detailed usage statistics: yes
Flexible assigning of LAN ports to vessel WIFI networks: not available
Customizable WIFI power output: not available
Mobile Network Bonding: yes

Available remote user accounts: not available
Number of reachable on-board devices: not available

Europe/Africa/Asia/Oceania version code: LYR-MEB-P
Americas version code: LYR-MEB-P-A
Note: Mobile Expander 4G can be ordered as a combination of Europe/Africa/Asia/Oceania and Americas version