IP camera PoE adaptor

IP camera PoE adaptor is a device used to power any Power-over-Ethernet IP camera directly from Yacht Router. It is IEEE 802.af compliant with dual wide range DC power input. GbE PoE injector is included in the package.

DC power input (V): 9-36
PoE DC Output (V): 48
Output Current (A): 0.4
Output Power (W): 17
Operating temp (°C): -30 to +60
Dimensions (mm): 85x76x36
Weight (g): 135

NMEA0183 to Ethernet Converter

This device will convert any NMEA0183 data to TCP so you can receive it on your WIFI or LAN connected device. It is perfect solution in a combination with any Yacht Router as it will give you ability to receive all NMEA data (depth, speed, wind etc.) inside your navigation software on your wireless or wired device. In a combination with Cloud Service, you will be able to receive NMEA data remotely to check your boat position, wind speed, COG, SOG etc.

NMEA0183 to LAN converter is compatible with every navigation software that can receive NMEA data over TCP protocol.

Device is preconfigured to work with any Yacht Router model but it can also be used with other LAN/WIFI systems.

DC power input (V): 10-30
LAN protection: built-2KV isolated electromagnetic
NMEA0183 port baud rate: 4800 or 38400
RS232 port baud rate: 4800 or 38400
Operating temp (°C): -20 to +60
Dimensions (mm): 108x83x27


Installation Manual


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