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Locomarine Networks d.o.o.
159. brigade 12
23000 Zadar


Available: Mon-Fri, 9-15 h CET
Email: support@locomarine.com
Skype: Yacht Router Support
Tel: +385 91 444 17 14


Email: sales@locomarine.com
Tel: +385 91 54 234 85

Online Remote Support

Each Yacht Router is equipped with Online Remote Support feature that gives our technical support ability to connect to your Yacht Router to check and resolve possible problems.

To establish Online Remote Support you have to send an e-mail to support@locomarine.com with following details:
1. Contact details (Name, e-mail, phone number)
2. Yacht Router model (Micro, Mini, Standard, Pro)
3. Yacht Router serial number
4. Description of the problem
5. Suggested best time (minimum one) when our technicians can connect to your Yacht Router. Please note that our Support Team is available from Monday to Friday, 9-16 hrs (Central European Time).

Once we receive your request we will provide further instructions by e-mail or phone.

IMPORTANT: to establish Remote support Vessel Network 1 on your Yacht Router MUST be connected to the Internet.

To perform additional diagnostics our Support Team will sometimes need to connects remotely to your computer. To do that you will have to install Anydesk software that you can download from www.anydesk.com and provide ID and password to our Support Team.