Antenna Cables

UV Resistant Polyethylene jacketed coax cable designed for 20-year service outdoor use. The bending and handling characteristics are significantly better than air-dielectric and corrugated hard-line cables. Sold per meter without connectors. We can provide specified length with crimped connectors.

Outer diameter (mm):  6,1
Installation bend radius (mm): 19
Weight (kg/m): 0,05
Attenuation at 900 MHz (dB/30m): 9,1
Attenuation at 1500 MHz (dB/30m): 11,8
Attenuation at 2000 MHz (dB/30m): 13,8
Attenuation at 2500 MHz (dB/30m): 15,5
Order code: SLMR240-01

Outer diameter (mm):  10,29
Installation bend radius (mm): 25,4
Weight (kg/m): 0,1
Attenuation at 900 MHz (dB/30m): 3,9
Attenuation at 1500 MHz (dB/30m): 5,1
Attenuation at 2000 MHz (dB/30m): 6,0
Attenuation at 2500 MHz (dB/30m): 6,8
Order code: SRF400-01

Antenna Extension Cable

KSR195 coax cable with N-type connectors (male + female) on ends. Use to separate WIFI antennas or for Vessel-to-Shore WIFI Booster antenna installations.
Length: 1 m
Order code: WLEC-01

Network (LAN) Cables

High quality CAT5 and CAT6 network cables.
Order code: CAT6-01 (bulk, sold per meter)
Order code: CAT5-03 (1 m length with connectors)

Power Over Ethernet Injectors

Gigabit PoE injector for WIFI/LAN Extenders with male or female DC power connector.
Length: 20 cm
Order code: CAT5P-02 (male DC connector)
Order code: CAT5P-03 (female DC connector)

Power Cable Splitters

DC Power cable splitter with one male and two female connectors.
Length: 20 cm
Order code: PSP-02

Antenna Connectors