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Vessel-to-Shore WIFI booster

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Power-over-Ethernet: yes (8-30 VDC) Supported standards: b/g/n Max. data rates (Mbps): 100 Max. transmit power (dBm): 32 Max. transmit power (mW): 1600 Sensitivity of included antenna (dB): 6 Antenna connector type (on device): N-type female Dimension (mm, WxDxH, without antenna): 45 x 45 x 180

Yacht Router Micro – Detailed Specifications

By |2016-10-12T17:04:37+02:00September 13th, 2015|Models|

WAN, LAN, Backbone networks Ethernet WAN ports: not available Ethernet LAN ports: not available Backbone LAN ports: 1 Dedicated Mobile Expander Pro port: not available Max. data rate on WAN/LAN/Backbone (per port): 100 Mbps Extenders, Expanders, Controller support WIFI Extender support: no Max. number of supported WIFI Extenders: not available Mobile Expander support: yes LAN [...]

About Yacht Router

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Yacht Router devices will help you to easily install, setup and control Internet connection on your yacht. The most important part of Yacht Router solution is Yacht Router Control software that control complete system. It is designed by professionals specialized in yacht communication systems in collaboration with experienced yacht captains. The result is a system [...]

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