Yacht Router devices will help you to easily setup and control Internet connections on your vessel.
It is designed for people without special computer or network education.


Performance, Reliability, Security.

• From small boats to megayachts
• Simple installation, setup and maintenance
• High power 4G/3G/2G modules (30+ Nautical miles)
• Internet source bonding (Load Balancing)
• WIFI Booster for long distance wireless connection (10 +NM)
• Multiple Vessel WIFI/LAN networks (Owner, Guest, Crew, Multimedia, etc.)
• Hotel-type hotspot (user login)
• Vessel Networks Bandwidth control
• Automatic switching algorithms (Yacht Router Pro only)
• WAN ports for satellite Internet (VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium) or shore (ADSL, cable) equipment
• Cloud Service: secure remote access to onboard IP devices over the Internet (IP cameras, monitoring and navigation systems etc.)
• Compatible with all IP based equipment (Furuno, Simrad, B&G, Lowrance, Raymarine, Maretron, Sonos, Axis etc)
• Maximum level of security
• Online Remote Support

• Free Remote Tracking and Anchor alarm

From dinghy to megayachts

Not just a simple Internet gateway.

Yacht Router is a network solution designed for vessels featuring industry level of reliability, performance and unprecedented level of security. Depending on a Yacht Router model and Add-on modules it can be installed on a small vessels or megayacht. It is not just a simple Internet gateway. It is complete network infrastructure solution that will replace complex network systems with simple to install devices using minimum cabling. It will save enormous amount of cables, installation and maintenance hours.

Free Remote Tracking and Anchor Alarm

Let your family and friends know where you are.

With free Remote Tracking service, you can see the location of your vessel whenever it is connected to the Internet. As Yacht Router systems are equipped with GPS receiver there is no need for additional hardware or paid subscription. In addition to Tracking service, you can set Anchor alarm that will send notification on your phone.

User friendly control

Simple for everyone.

The most important part of Yacht Router solution is Control software. It is designed by professionals specialized in yacht communication systems in collaboration with experienced yacht captains. The result is a system that is simple to operate, maintain and control.

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